Important and Massive Bush Form by Harry Bertoia

Known for a wide variety of sculptural styles, Bertoia´s bush forms are among the most prized. The present example is the largest known single creation in the bush family. Towering over six feet in height, anchored to a single trunk, the bush is easily one of Bertoia´s masterworks. The base, stem and supporting branches are composed of bronze, with the melted buds in copper, the overall having adopted a dark verde gris patina from its decades of outdoor installation. A first hand account from Bertoia´s lead studio assistant, indicates 3-4 months of dedicated labor by Harry in its creation, clearly on view in the tens of thousands of individual buds that create the rhythmic flow of its surface. This is a truly museum worthy work from an acclaimed metal worker at the height of his career. While we can hope to acquire similar works in the future, we are certain few could approach the scale and importance of this wonderful bush sculpture.

75" H 30" W 25" D


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