Unique Constellation Sculpture by Phil Powell and Paul Evans

A truly amazing and all original illuminated wall sculpture by Philip Lloyd Powell and Paul Evans. Powell took up residence at his studio in New Hope PA in the late 1940´s, and began a decades long career honing his craft as a woodworker and artist. Constellation certainly ranks as one of his early masterpieces. An intricate construction of carved walnut forms. geometric metal work, and illuminated glass shades. Powell´s expertise with wood is on full display, with the metalwork executed by Paul Evans, who began working in the studio after his graduation from Cranbrook. The metal frame is overlaid in melted bronze with a volcanic texture, including the surrounds for the lamps. A signature piece in Powell´s long and distinguished career. A piece that points to the budding genious of a rising star, Paul Evans.

79" H 39" W 6.5" D


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