Monumental Terracotta Head The Halfmoon Hotel, Coney Island 1927

The Halfmoon Hotel was built on the Coney Island boardwalk in 1927. Named for Henry Hudson´s ship The Halfmoon, which docked in the location that would later become Coney Island. A lavish structure, it was hoped to compete for tourist traffic with Atlantic City, however it was best known as the home of Mob informant Abe Reles, where he also met his suspicious fate falling from his 6th story window hours before he was to testify. The present element from the buildings facade, is a bust of Henry Hudson himself, in strong relief set into a deep scalloped well. The head is very nicely rendered with the powerful features to be expected on a legendary explorer such as Hudson. A fantastic piece for the yard.

27" H 27" W 23" D


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