Outstanding and Rare Dandelion Sculpture by Harry Bertoia

Description: The original Dandelion sculpture from The Denver Hilton, designed by architect I.M. Pei, opened in April 1960 and received accolades for its modern features. Bertoia captured the ethereal and ephemeral bloom of a dandelion at its fullest, and elevated it from a soft, fluffy weed to a metal beauty. Like much of the sculptor´s most recognized work, it is a form found in nature. However, the Dandelion differs from Bertoia´s bush, tree, and willow sculptures for its dynamic illusion. Though it is not a kinetic or sound sculpture, it produces the sensation of movement and vibrancy. The ironic and whimsical scale of the Dandelion magnifies a radiating energy which almost pulsates. The Dandelion, as with most of Bertoia´s sculptures, goes beyond merely decorative. His work defines or contributes to the function and experience of a space or environment.

A certificate of authenticity is avaliable for this work.

Condition: excellent vintage

Specifications: Height: 139, Diameter: 75


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