Massive Harry Bertoia Melt Coated Screen

Bertoia was commissioned in the early 1950´s to design and fabricate a large and complex screen for General Motors. Composed of hundreds of brass coated panels, attached a vast armature of brass rods, it spanned nearly 100 feet. This is the original full scale study for this important public work. Standing 10´ tall, 3´ wide and 18" deep, its imposing scale is accented by the depth of execution in the individual panels, each with heavily patinated volcanic coating. While the size alone is incredible, it is also an important precursor to later works, including the St. Louis airport screen, as well as the highly colored multi plane constructions, often placed in windows to capture natural light.This very important work is pictured in the book "The world Of Berotia" on page 69, as well as on page 34 of the catalog for the Reading Public Museums exhibition "In Natures Embrace".


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