Freeform Walnut Coffee Table by Gino Russo

With a mystique of epic proportions surrounding the work of George Nakashima, comes the misconception that he personally produced each piece originating from his studio. Nakashima, while a master craftsman himself, was primarily the designer and public face of the studio, while a team of highly skilled woodworkers carried out the duties of production. One such employee was Gino Russo. Trained in Italy, Russo worked for Nakashima starting in 1955, simultaneously producing furniture for clients who could not bear the year long waiting list. This large coffee table, bears several Nakashima design hallmarks; a pair of heavy walnut planks, joined with butterfly keys, arched trestle legs, and dramatic freeform edges. Top quality work for a fraction of the "pedigree" price. 14" H 54" L 44" D.


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