Experimental Sonambient

Easily among the finest examples of Bertoia┬┤s work that we have had the pleasure to offer. This early tonal sculpture is in stunning original condition, having led a "hands off" existence since its creation. The bronze base points to its early construction, featuring four peg feet, found only on the oldest examples. Furthermore the base is punctuated by the addition of 9 large countersunk holes, centered in each row. Bertoia experimented with a variety of concepts to further the resonant qualities of the sound produced by his sculptures, this feature also adds an unusual negative space, greatly complimenting the overall form. 16 bronze rods in a 4x4 grid are topped with heavy copper chimes. Perfectly proportioned, the weight of the tops play upon the length of the rods to great effect, producing a sweet ring, randomly intoned by the gentle kinetic sway. Pefect original condition. 39.5" H 10" W 10" D.


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