A Group of Japanese Modernist Ceramics #3

Description: Beautiful group of unusual Japanese ceramic forms. Visible Asian contributions to Modernism are few and far between, these forms embody the spirit of the 20th century completely, while maintaining a sense of tradition.

Gourd Vase: Hand formed bud vase, in the shape of a gourd with cut out. Included a brass ring and rosette for wall hanging. 9" H 3.75" Diameter. $350.

Black Vase: Squashed form with broad waist, rough incised surface with black glaze. 4" H 7" L 5" D. $450

Bookends: Pair of hand formed ceramic bookends, each a cylindrical cup with attached flat plate. 3.5" h 7" l 8" D. $450 pair.

Condition: Excellent.


0 248 688 1128 1376 1624 1872