Outstanding Dunbar Tiffany Tile Table

According to legend, Edward Wormley purchased a large collection of Tiffany glass tiles at auction inthe early 1950´s; The tiles were utilized in a variety of ways on several table designs, often sparingly. This diminutive side tabletakes the idea to the next level, with the entire top clad in truly incredible favrille tiles. 20 individual tiles, representing a wide spectrum of color and technique are set in a pleasing Mondrian-esque fashion in the walnut frame. The top is raised on a unique tripod walnut base, completely hand worked with subtle differences to each leg. An acknowledged masterpiece from the long and colorful history of Dunbar. Signed with brass tag. 23.5" H 10.75" L 10.75" D.


0 440 688 936 1184 1432 1680 1928